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WrongWarp LLC developers

Nicholas Robbins - Lead Programmer
Cory Smith - Weapons / Systems Programmer
Christopher Brennan - AI Programmer
Evan Janssen - Lead Designer
Conor Tully - Level Designer / QA Lead
Billy Beanland - Level Designer

Jae Ettinger - Sound Designer
Sean Napolitano - Lead Artist
Josh Walker - VFX Artist
Michael Andrews - Environment Artist

Maria Crawford - 2D / UI Artist
Nicholas Oprisu - Producer
Matthew Migneault- Producer
Spencer Hobbs - Video Editor
Lenny Gingello - QA Manager
Cody Douglass - QA Manager



Arachnotron is a student project, created by Wrong Warp Games at the Game Development Program of Champlain College).

Arachnotron is a third person action shooter where the player can traverse every surface of the environment to their advantage. As a mechanical spider-tank hellbent on revenge, use the different weapons at your disposal to take down the criminal organization S.W.A.R.M.

Creative Process

I was brought on to manage existing assets and flesh out the SFX library for Arachnotron 5 months into the project to get it out of the proto. Assets for Arachnotron were prompted for me to create off a spreadsheet so I used my copy of Omnisphere and a few MP3s that I recorded on a mobile handset recorder. 

Skills Developed

Experience in remote development

Working in a large team

Experience in Cubase Pro 10, Adobe Audition 

Complex sound synthesis via VST

Implementation of assets via Wwise


Foley with H1 Zoom Recorder

MIDI tools

Softsynths - Morph Zynaptiq and Omnisphere

Effects chaining/EQ adjustments within engine

Tools Used

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