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About Me

As someone growing up in a suburb, video games and my PS2 were a vital source of escapism and since gradeschool, ive always known I wanted to be game dev for the explicit purpose of bringing that simple joy of games to others who need it, regardless of age

With a supportive musician father, I learned as many tools as I could but also self-taught bass, acoustic guitar, and synthesizer work so I could develop my specialty in sound work and become an asset to any future teams I join


  •  Lead Audio Designer, Monolithic FowlMachinations (2020)

  •  Lead Audio Designer, Hollow Reef Rattskum (2019)

  •  Lead Audio Designer, Arachnotron, WrongWarp (2019)

  •  UI/UX VR Designer, Empathy VR Emergent MC, (2018)

  • Design Instructor, iD tech Camps (Fort Worth,Texas), 2017



  • Sound Design/Effect editing

  • Field Recording

  • Gameplay Design

  • Agile Development

  • Visual Documentation

  • Content Design

  • QA testing

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