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Platform - PC

Development time: Fall 2019

Developed with - Unity, C#, Cubase Pro 10

Development Team

Louis Klarfeld - Producer
Kenneth Taylor - Lead Artist
Jeffrey Friedman - Lead programmer , Game Design
Jae Ettinger - Lead Sound Design , Game Design


[Skill Development Overview]

Reinforced ability to rapidly prototype

Learned to effectively use field recording equipment for Foley sound capture

Experience in implementing/scripting for audio

Fulfilling multiple roles on a small team



Hollow Reef was a game developed over the course of a 3 month period by a 4 person team. For this project, I worked as the lead sound designer and as a systems designer​.

Calming, casual ‘creature-upkeep’ The Player inhabits a recently deceased soul who finds themselves in the expansive, barren plains of Hollow Reef.  In these wastes you encounter a giant Golem made of bone: a benevolent beast that with the right amount of nurture will grow an extraordinary, expansive garden on its back. A new twist on the gardening and town-creation genres, Hollow Reef seeks to provide an interactive creature experience where the ‘pet-surrogate’ is both a lovable NPC and an expandable home-base.  Explore the land of the dead astride your Golem companion, chasing off gnawing scavengers with your Lantern, and tending to its luscious garden to create a wondrous, living, breathing-town for other lost souls.

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