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Construct cities  - Gather Devotion - Destroy Opponents


Development Team

John Stoppen - Producer

Austin Vine - Producer

Annika Blair - Lead Programmer, QA

Avery Dibble - AI Programmer

John Imgrund - Network Programmer

Joshua Mahler​ - AI Programmer

Andrew Chepega - Lead Designer

David Carey - Gameplay Designer

Jae Ettinger - Sound Designer, Systems Designer

Kayla Miskiv - UI Designer, Systems Designer

Samantha Arehart - Lead Artis, 2D Character Artist

Oliver Patric - 3D Environment Artist

Makayla Montes - 3D Character Artist

[Skill Development Overview]

Platform - PC/Steamworks

Development time: Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

Developed with - Unity, C#, Cubase 10, Git


Monolithic is a senior capstone project that uses networked multiplayer and blends strategy influences from RTS and MOBA alike created by Fowl Machinations at Champlain College

A new world dawns and the gods fight for sovereignty over the
land and its inhabitants. In Monolithic you guide a pantheon
of gods, and humanity itself, through time, from the dawn of
creation to the fires of the apocalypse. Raise your civilization
from the sand, build your forces, and grow your influence over
humanity. Siege enemy settlements with vast armies and break
their monoliths with devastating abilities.

Complex mixing of Foley and Synth within a DAW

Layered Synth patch creation 

Use of spatial effects and parallel compression to convey scale

Synced SFX to VFX 

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