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An Auditory Simulator

Prototype Intent

Use EQ patterns in a VR space simulating a concert environment to simulate hearing damage and loss to evoke a response in the user to help them understand the struggles of people with damaged hearing

This Project was developed at the Emergent Media Center in Burlington Vermont.

Platform - PC/Steamworks

Development time: Fall 2018


Developed with - Unity, C#, 


Frequencies lost in hearing loss.


Frequencies lost in hearing loss.

EQ Demonstration.gif

The concept of Empathy came from frustrations with the way games conveyed how disability works and effects people. As a person with hearing damage and a specialty in sounds, I sought to create a moment that would let a normal hearing person experience a loss they weren't used to so they could have some understanding of hearing damage.

Using what I knew about music production and mixing for SFX, i reasoned that since EQ is a tool used to control frequencies that I could effectively lessen the player's ability to fully detect things they'd other find normal.

Before starting digital work, I had the opportunity to visit the University of Vermont Medical Center's currently held expo on technology and accessibility, where I had the chance to use hearing assistive devices for myself to see how what Hz adjustments they made. This had a profound effect on the finished prototype, which sought to boost similar frequencies.

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